“You Are Not Alone” Exhibit & Workshop

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A special art workshop with garden tour and tea ceremony for children and their parents or caregivers.  Saturday, October 20, 2012, 1:00—3:00pm.  Admission Free.  A special family‐friendly workshop led by Creative Connections at the “You Are Not Alone” Exhibit of the Hammond Museum. This will feature Japanese and American art that was created by students following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami of Japan.  First, Creative Connections staff will set the context for the children’s art from Japan by displaying news photos of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Northern Japan in March 2011. Then we will read together a fascinating interview featuring 13-year-old Sho Takahashi and his 9-year-old brother, Daichi. Both boys were eyewitnesses to the disaster.  Both thankfully survived.  Next we will view the art pieces created by fifty 11-12 year old students living in the area affected by the disaster.  In their pieces and their artist descriptions, they share their experience immediately following the earthquake and tsunami. We will also “meet” the young artists, viewing their photos and reading about their families, their likes and dislikes, and their hopes for the future.  Workshop participants will travel from painting to painting looking not only for the hardships endured by the Japanese children and their families, but also looking for the ways they pulled together to overcome them. We will also compare the art created for the Japanese children by local American students, discovering the many similarities and sentiments that the children from both countries share.  Finally, each participating family will have the opportunity to create a simple art piece and/or compose a message of support to send directly to the young Japanese artists.  Hammond educators will also conduct families on a lively tour of the museum’s beautiful Japanese stroll garden and lead them through an authentic Japanese tea ceremony.  Creative Connections’ mission is to educate young people by encouraging their awareness, understanding and appreciation of other cultures, as well as their own.  Funding provided by ArtsWestchester, with funds from Westchester County Government and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.  For more information and reservations, please contact: Museum Director Lorraine Laken, Hammond Museum: Email: GardenProgram@Yahoo.com.  Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden, 28 Deveau Road, PO Box 326, North Salem, NY 10560, (914) 669-5033.  Visit www.HammondMuseum.org