Winter Doldrums

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I don’t want to get you down while I’m down, but if you are already there, feel free to read on.

I am having a SERIOUS case of the winter doldrums this week.  I actually think that January has been the longest, most boring month I’ve had in a while, and as we say good-bye to it today (good riddance), I am hoping that February has more to offer.  So, when I got up today — well, the second time, after I had climbed back into bed (‘just for a few minutes’ I promised myself) after the kids got on the bus (yes, that’s how bad it is), I committed myself to leaving the house and doing something new and different, getting a little fresh air, and leaving my slippers and computer behind for just a couple of hours.  I headed over to Darien where there is this great needlepoint shop (I know, what a loser, but honestly, it is a great stress reliever) and bought myself a new project, talked to a friend on the phone on the way over, and got a little fresh air walking around the town.  I am now happily ensconced back at my desk with a slightly better attitude (no one is expecting miracles, right, it’s still winter) and wondering if any of you (assuming people actually read this far) — have any great ideas for making the long winter days pass quicker.  Either for you or for your kids (mine have the same malaise going on — no snow = no fun, and no vacation looming = too much homework).

Please add a little sunshine into my life with a comment….