Winter Doldrums Battle, Stage 2

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So, I am going to follow up on Kristy’s comments to the Winter Doldrums bit and get out of the house — but I would like some company.  Frankly, I need the motivation and it just sounds more fun as a group.  SO, tomorrow, Thursday, February 2nd, start the new month with a winter blues buster walk at Westmoreland Sanctuary with me — meet at the easy loop trail head (up by the building) at 9:15am.  ALL are welcome.  We can start with the easy loop around the woods and anyone who wants more exercise can expand on the loop, those who need to get on with their day, we’ll plan to finish around 10am.  We’ll wing it and see what happens.  I need to get outside, I need to do something other than staring at the wall on an exercise bike, and although my first inclination in the winter is to hole up and hibernate, it is depressing, and even a half hour with other folks shaking the blues out would probably make a big difference.  When I was talking to a friend the other day I asked if I had RSVP’d to something and she said, yes, you gave me your usual response — NO.  Ouch.  I guess I need to get out more.  So, take a risk, make an effort and please join me so I don’t feel like a total loser waiting at the trail head and having no one join me tomorrow.  Westmoreland Sanctuary, 260 Chesnut Ridge Rd, Mt Kisco,  Admission to the trails is free.   Hope to see you there!  (Feel free to like this on facebook or here so I know if anyone is joining me!)