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Well, it wouldn’t be fair if I told you all to get out and about and enjoy the fall and then sat on my butt all weekend right?  So, peeling the kids off the couch, we checked EssentialMom.com‘s (shameless as always) EVENTS CALENDAR, which I can honestly say ROCKS (and I can say this because I have the most amazing mom who updates it by spending countless hours searching through every listing in Westchester County to fill it up — just to start all over again every month)  and headed over to an “Outdoor Weekend” at Westmoreland Sanctuary.

Now if you haven’t been to Westmoreland, get there, it’s one of our favorites.  There is a perfect hike that loops down through the woods, to a stop off at a frog pond (where they supply nets for frog-catching) and back up through a meadow where you can search for bugs or run up a hill, leaving you more breathless than you imagined.  Anyway, the hike is short, there’s plenty to see, and you can do it at your own pace, whether that is whooping and running at top speed or meandering through looking at the flora and fauna.  Depends on the day which direction suits our needs.  When you get back to the main building, you can check out the “museum/nature center” which hosts a variety of taxidermy specimens of various animals, as well as some live turtles, snakes, iguanas, and a rabbit.  The center is a bit “old school” just so you know — not a lot of bells and whistles, but if your kids like that, then it’s worth the stop.  Westmoreland also offers programming on certain days — whether it’s bird watching, maple sugaring, boy scout hikes, compass reading, animal talks, and the like.  Always a good idea to CALL first — because it is a small center, sometimes programming gets cancelled or ‘adjusted’ and details on the site aren’t always fully updated.  Now, don’t take all that as a statement that the place is doing anything wrong, I just know that when my kids get hyped up for something and then it’s not happening, the day can be ruined…so it’s just a word to the wise.  Check out www.westmorelandsanctuary.org for events and info.

Here are some shots from our hike Sunday which included sightings of 3 frogs, 1 turtle, 2 dragonflies, some bumble bees, several downed trees that we needed to hop over (for fun), lots of ferns, some purple flowers I don’t know the name for, a two man saw demonstration by some local boy scouts, and a walk around the inside of the building where we had to measure ourselves against the ever present wing span demo which compares your wings span to a variety of bird sizes.  Fun for all.

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