Volunteer Fatigue

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There is a movement afoot that concerns me.  Over the past year I have heard so many people saying that they are weaning themselves off of community non-profit boards, school volunteer committees, and that they are not going to fundraisers.  Non-profits are having trouble filling their boards, getting donations, and engaging the under 50 crowd.  Schools, extra-curricular activities, and team sports are taking up all of our free time and parents are just over-whelmed.  They are asked to drive here and there, pick up various special snacks, volunteer in their children’s classrooms, run the after school activities, fund-raise for this and that and write big checks.  And people are tired.  Really, really tired.

This is a very real feeling for all of us.  But it is also a very big concern, because without volunteers and donors, and along side of cuts to essential services, our community will eventually suffer.  The amazing programs that are offered, the security nets that shore up our community members in need, or the schools that count on parent volunteers just won’t be able to offer the same level of services.

So what do we do?  I really don’t know, but I am hosting a “Think Tank” at Northern Westchester Hospital this Wednesday, October 3rd at 10am to see if I can’t flesh out some answers and come up with some new ways of engaging people in service.  Maybe a family volunteer program so moms don’t have to get that extra sitter, maybe educational seminars to engage moms in a new way, and maybe an alternative to the galas and silent auctions which have become tedious and labor-intensive.  Either way, I invite you to come and share your views.

RSVP here — we promise to just pick your brain, not your wallet!!!