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If you and the kids are headed off in the family truckster for the long weekend and are looking to avoid
having your car smell like a fast food factory, consider a healthier option.

I just stopped at Table Local Market in Bedford Hills — disclaimer, my husband is the co-owner/manager — so glowing reviews of his cuteness aside, I wanted to see if I could stock up on snacks the kids would actually eat in the car and over the weekend that have no ingredients I can’t pronounce. The procuring of these items is easy, whether the kids eat them or not, another story — so I was picky and here’s what I came up with (with the full statement that just because we own a gourmet market, our kids still prefer a bag of Doritos any day, and to be honest, so do I, so the choices below are not for super-kids, they are for real kids).

These are the things I think I can sneak by them…

1.  “P-Nutty Chip” Baked Granola by Healthy Home Foods.  Ingredients: gluten free oats, freshly ground peanut butter, maple syrup, flax meal, coconut oil, maple powder, dairy free chocolate chips, vanilla, salt.  Now that sounds super boring, but I GUARANTEE the taste — I opened them in doubt and holy you know what they’re soooo delicious!  Oh, and they are made by a mom in Pound Ridge — double the treat!

2. North Fork Potato Chips.  Ingredients: potatoes, sunflower oil, salt, sugar, molasses powder, tomato powder, vinegar powder, spices, onion powder, natural flavor, extractives of paprika.  Crispy, crunchy, delicious.  We especially like the barbeque flavor at our house.

3. Belmont Peanuts.  Ingredients: peanuts, canola oil, salt.  These are the freshest tasting, crunchy peanuts I’ve ever had.  You may say, how can it really matter — peanuts are peanuts, but they’re just not.  These are huge and so full of taste.

4. Wild Rice Snack Sticks. Ingredients: unbleached white flour, wild rice, canola oil, salt, tumeric.  A great tasting snack to put out between meals or at cocktail hour for the mamas.  Mix with the peanuts and you’re on your way to fancy living.

5. Baked goods.  Check out the “sweet side” of Table with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, brownies, lemon squares, pumpkin bread….and so much more.  They may not be a slimmer for your waist but they are a whole lot healthier for your body!

Happy traveling (or staycationing) to all!!!  Be safe, be happy, be together.