ThistleWaithe Learning Center, New Classrooms Open

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thistlewaithelogo2013ThistleWaithe Learning Center invites children ages 3-6 to join their newest classroom in Katonah at the St. Mary’s School building at 99 Valley Road.  This marks a special homecoming for the Montessori preschool as their doors first opened in 2000 here to welcome one child.  By 2007 — ThistleWaithe’s last year in Katonah — over 100 children gathered daily.  With a bustling South Salem campus, ThistleWaithe is delighted to expand and return to the Katonah area.  The mixed-ages classroom offers children a sensory-rich learning environment that plants the seeds of problem solving and critical thinking, while exposing children to language, mathematics, geography, science, and cultural areas.  Environmental stewardship figures prominently in the curriculum, with nature walks and observation exercises a joyful part of the children’s experience.  Young learners also enjoy Spanish, etiquette, and a vibrant music and movement program.  With immediate openings, ThistleWaithe invites you to arrange a visit.  Please contact Jenifer Hughs, Program Coordinator, at 914-977-3662 or e-mail at