The Society for Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals

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The SPCA of Westchester is an animal shelter that takes in both abandoned and abused animals, returns them to their owners when possible or adopts them into new homes if not. While following the philosophy that no adoptable animal will ever be euthanized, the SPCA contracts with 18 different municipalities to accept delivery of stray cats and dogs. Also dedicated to Cruelty Investigation and Intervention the SPCA works with the state of NY to enforce laws related to animal cruelty. The SPCA stands firm in its belief that low-cost veterinary care is essential to decrease the incidence of unwanted animals. Through the Simpson Clinic, the public is offered low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations. The SPCA`s Golden Outreach Pet-Therapy Program partners with 65 healthcare facilities and coordinates volunteer/dog pet therapy visits with patients to help prevent loneliness and isolation. In order to help increase its animals chance for adoption into a loving home, the SPCA`s Lead the Way Volunteer Program depends on its many volunteers to walk and train shelter dogs, help in the socialization of its cats, as well as give love and attention to all of its animals. For more information on how to adopt, sponsor, or foster an animal, to make a donation, or to volunteer your time with the SPCA of Westchester, please visit or call 914.941.2894.