The Prospector Theater

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The Prospector Theater is not a typical movie theater; it is special. Not just because our 4 theaters will have the best in digital and sound technology and big comfy seats–which they will!  The real reason that the Prospector Theater is special is our mission to provide educational and employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities through the operation of a first-run movie theater.  Audiences young and old will be delighted by quality programming – first-run movies, documentaries, sing-alongs, classics, theme nights – all while they help support the Prospector’s Mission, and help change the lives of underemployed members of society.  At Prospector, audiences will come to understand what smart, valuable, and dedicated employees adults with disabilities are when given the proper structure, training and support.  The Prospector Theater is a new model of social enterprise. It pairs a first-run, commercial movie theater with the mission of training and employing adults with disabilities. It’s a not-for-profit system, with the competitiveness and transparency of a for-profit business model. It shows how community groups, businesses, and people in the private sector – working together – can improve the quality of lives for those with disabilities, while lessening the financial burden on the government and helping boost employment rates.  Visit