Strawberry Jam

in Recipes

Submitted by Gretchen M.

Every summer my mother filled the kitchen with produce from our garden, creating delicious jams and pickles and freezing string beans, peas, or anything else that wasn`t nailed down. There was always a certain satisfaction to watching her create the pretty colored jams and a certain sweet smell that I will always remember.  She ruined me for any store bought jams so now I am the one enlisting my kids` help, getting them to measure out the berries & the sugar and keep me company in the kitchen while I make jam.

So here is the secret family recipe…go to the grocery store and buy a packet of “Certo” (check the cooking aisle where they keep sugar and such)– inside are recipes for any and every type of jam imaginable — use their recipe and voila — there`s the secret!

Cooking needs for strawberry jam:
2 quarts of strawberries
1 large bag of granulated sugar
1 lemon
1 large pot
1 long wooden spoon
a cuisinart or other chopping machine
1 packet of Certo
a box of jelly jars and lids (check your local Hardware store– they have them at Kellog`s & Lawrence in Katonah)

That`s it– so enjoy, and remember, an important part of the process is to make yourself a piece of toast with butter and jam still hot from the stove when you are done…mmmm.