Storm Help

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As we begin to get our power back here in Westchester and get our kids back in school, you may be waking up to the news from the city and the boroughs around us.  Crazy stuff is happening and a lot of people are in need here in Westchester and around the state.  The news is so sad and people are very much suffering, especially as the cold weather continues.  If you are looking to get involved, the best resource I have found is the Volunteer Center which is posting all manner of opportunities both near and far.  Please check out the options to pitch in — click here.  Be sure to also check their Neighbor to Neighbor section for some locally centered projects serving all of the affected areas as well.

And in your thinking, don’t forget to take care of yourselves and your family.  Check out this post by Barbara Berstein at the MHA of Westchester — about the effects that these sorts of storms can have on your psyche — it is a very real stress and as our kids start to return to routines, don’t discount the stress they feel, or even worries they may have of future storms.  It may just be a power outage to us, but to them as they hear the news or feel the effects, it may feel like a very real threat to them.  Take it easy…stay warm…and stay safe.

If you are reading this on a smart phone plugged in somewhere other than your home, please know that I am sending you very warm thoughts. Be well.