Shopping Suggestions

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Between Holiday shopping, concerts, festive activities and oh yea, work, there’s so little left in my head these days — how to get it all done, how to care for the kids AND get it all done while they are home from school for full and half days the next few weeks for teacher conferences, and blah blah….my resolution to keep it simple this year is waning and being over-taken by the stress.  I had big ideas on December 1st about how I was going to start the month fresh with choosing to do ONE nice thing a day — either one nice thing for myself to keep my sanity or one nice thing for someone else as a courtesy…I am failing.  And it’s only been 7 days.  Everything takes so much time and energy.  How crazy is that?  So I am going to count my note to you as a nice thing for the day — I get to check off work and something nice — if it doesn’t count as helpful, don’t tell me?  So, here in a bow in case you haven’t checked any of these out yet, are my top five favorite – outside of the norm – maybe I’ll get lucky and find something original – type shopping venues.

1.  Beehive Co-op, Mt Kisco.  The perfect spot to find a gift for your mother-in-law, sister, and even the teachers.  They have gorgeous gifts — with a special focus on fashion, jewelry, and home goods.  Great new baby items as well.

2.  Ethical Ocean.  With the help of the Ethical Ocean Elf, you can find the perfect thing on your list, while sourcing the best possible item with the lowest impact on the world.  You can even shop by charitable category…do you favor the Environment?  Animals?  Human Rights?  Pick a category and the elf will help you choose wisely.

3.  Uncommon Goods.  Whether you are looking for funky goods for the man or woman in your life, or just stocking stuffers for the kids, this site has a little bit of everything, and nothing that those special people will have seen before — very fun and cool and different — perfect for the difficult to shop for person in your life.

4.  The Gift Garage, Katonah.  Again, some fun teachers gifts and home goods, even some fun craft kits for the little people on the list.  Pair the trip with a stop at NoKa Joe’s and Little Joe’s Books,,  and you have to be able to get someone off of your list!

5.  Kelloggs and Lawrence, Katonah.  While in Katonah, be sure to stop by Kelloggs and Lawrence Hardware Store.  So much more than a hardware store, you can find clothing, outdoor gear, fire place supplies, stocking stuffers, gardening supplies, tools, and much, much more.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions — I need some new haunts for shopping.  Particularly for the hubby!