Seed of Change

in School News

The West Patent Elementary School Learning Garden, to foster its belief that the sheer simplicity of nurturing a seed is a powerful tool for future leaders, is hosting an event for the Bedford school community at the Westmoreland Sanctuary on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 7pm. The event will begin with a food and wine reception provided by Table Local Market of Bedford Hills, and will feature a screening of “Nourish,” the award-winning PBS documentary. The event will conclude with a community discussion.  All voluntary donations for this event will go towards the expansion of the West Patent Elementary School Learning Garden.  The WPES Learning Garden provides all students an opportunity to learn about food and sustainability by weaving aspects of the classroom curricula with hands-on experience in an outdoor garden. Expansion of the current garden and the addition of an outdoor classroom are among their goals.  Narrated by Cameron Diaz, “Nourish” explores the story of our food—where it comes from, how it affects our health and environment, and how the food choices we make create a ripple effect that is felt around the world.  With a distinctly positive vision, “Nourish” celebrates both food and community.  The goal of the WPES Learning Garden is to use the act of growing food as a lens for students to develop a healthy curiosity of the interaction between humankind and the natural world. This community event is intended to be a venue for parents, local businesses and community members to invest in our next generation: a generation of responsible and sustainable citizens.  Space is limited, to reserve your seat now RSVP to  For more information go to: