Rye Free Reading Room Hosts Animal Embassy

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Rye Free Reading Room Hosts Animal Embassy – Zoology.  Ages 4 & up and their growups.  Animal Embassy will bring the scientific study of Zoology to life with incredible live Animal Ambassadors!  We will meet animals such as giant White’s tree frogs, an Eclectus parrot or Spectacled owl, a Green tree python or Emerald Tree boa, Chinchillas, a Pink-toed tarantula, an Argentine Black & White Tegu and/or a Solomon Islands monkey-tailed skink!  Space is limited.  Please Pre-register by calling 914-231-3162 or drop by the children’s room.  This program is sponsored by the Auxiliary Board of the Rye Free Reading Room.  Date:  Thursday Apr 17, 2014, Time: 2:00 PM  –  3:00 PM.  Contact:  Children’s Reference Desk, 914-231-3162.  Location: Meeting Room.