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Bronx Arts Ensemble presents “Rapunzel” on November 4th.  Billed as “a fairy tale in rhyming verse”, “RAPUNZEL” will be presented by the Bronx Arts Ensemble and Lehman Children’s Theater Company on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4 at 1 & 3 pm at the Whitehall, 3333 Henry Hudson Parway, Bronx. With a script by Director Dante Albertie and music arranged by BAE Artistic Director Bill Scribner, this version of the popular fairy tale of the maiden with extra-long golden hair, imprisoned in a tower by a wicked witch and saved by a handsome prince, will have a modern humorous slant, providing fun for the whole family. The audience will also be introduced to the oboe, clarinet and bassoon at the beginning of the show.  Admission to “RAPUNZEL” is $6, and all seats are unreserved.  Tickets may be ordered onlin www.bronxartsensemble.org or by calling the Bronx Arts Ensemble at 718 601-7399.