Promo & Party!


Jessica Inglis in FIRST place for a prize of $250 — with a whopping 73 shares!
Heidi Cambareri in Second place for a prize of $150 — with 42 shares
Roberta Lasky in Third place for a prize of $100 — with 36 shares

Thanks to all of our participants — in the end we gathered a total of 215 bits of information — new classes, things to do, places to go and events galore to share with all of you.  AND we still get a night out Tuesday with the ladies.  Genius all around.  If anyone still wants in on the Ladies’ Night out on Tuesday, just let me know and I’ll get more wine!   You can give me your four bits of information at the door…


What’s the contest you ask?

Earn “points” by simply sharing information you already have in your brain, forwarding emails you already get about stuff happening around town, or by telling your friends about us!  Most points by June 10th wins.  Simple.

Points towards the prizes will be awarded as follows:  1 point for each action you take to spread the word about Essentialmom.
Ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Email forwarded to us with content about happenings anywhere in Westchester (1 point for each email forwarded!  Can include museums, schools, events, etc.  Anything we can post on our calendar)
  • Post on your Facebook wall about something useful you found on Essentialmom (1 point per new/different post)
  • Email local businesses about Essentialmom (1 point per business)
  • Forward our newsletter to friends (1 point, NOT one per friend)
  • Email your friends and tell them about us (1 point, NOT one per friend)
  • Tell friends to ‘like’ us on Facebook (1 point, one time)
  • Email us suggestions of places to visit, things to do with the kids, favorite museums, programs, coffee spots, anything you’d like to see on Essentialmom! (1 point per idea that is NOT currently ON Essentialmom)

* Participants must earn at least 4 points to attend the party on June 12th and must be registered to participate.

Register to participate — fill in the form below and read our terms and conditions below to be sure that you get the points you deserve! Completion of form automatically assumes you agree to terms.

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Our Leaderboard as of June 10th at midnight is as follows!!!
(username you gave followed by number of points)

jessicainglis — 73
hcambareri — 42
Robbi22 — 36
kate — 15
joannahamilton — 9
sharonatmomof6 — 5
ginamarie — 5
tsf — 4
cabfree — 4
rsimmons — 3
misskijik — 3
mountkiscochildcarecenter — 3
babs44g — 3
cindyf — 2
susiedanziger — 2
lbrotmann — 2
prtcprez –1
vogue747 — 1
mpence — 1

registered but waiting for points:


I agree to the rules and regulations of the contest as outlined below:

Rules and Regulations:

** I understand that I must provide Essentialmom with PROOF that I have performed the actions I am claiming for points. Example: I will cc on any announcements or emails I send to friends, businesses, etc. on Essentialmom’s behalf.  I will either send a screen shot of my facebook page or tag Essentialmom if I do a post on my page so that Essentialmom knows I have done so (a follow up notice email might help too)

I understand the following: Essentialmom is not a big corporation. It is one mom sitting in her home office. She will try her very best to keep track of numbers, points, and details…and will be as fair as is possible in keeping track of it all. I promise not to yell at, talk about behind her back, or be mad at her if she makes a mistake.

I understand that this contest is for FUN. I will not complain, sue, or otherwise talk badly about EssentialMom should I lose.

Please submit information for Westchester, NY only.

I agree that I will submit only information that I have permission to submit. i.e.: I will only give my friends’ names, email address or other information if I ask for permission from said friend first. Essentialmom does NOT support spam and fully complies with best practices in communications.  I DO NOT want you to share your lists, your friends’ information, or any other information that you do not have permission to share.  I just want you to TELL your friends about us because you think they will LIKE us!

If you email or sign up and I don’t get back to you immediately, please be patient.  If you filled in the form, you are all set and I will start counting!

GAME ON!!!!!

** In the interest of fair play, PR company folks should not get points for just sending me items they are actively marketing.  You just have way too unfair an advantage! Please play fair.  Any personal business, emails, facebook comments, friend sharing, etc. is fine for points.  I will have to trust you to be honest and fair.