Planning your Memorial Day weekend?

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I know it seems early, but Memorial Day weekend is coming up fast, and if your school district, like mine, has given you that extra snow day back, you are in for a four day weekend.  Why not plan for something fun and different?  If you have adventure on your mind, and if you have kids of that certain age — and are of the male gender, not to be sexist — but there really is a certain something for boys that dinosaurs just make them nuts! — check out this new dinosaur park opening in New Jersey!  Disclaimer that I haven’t been there, and have only heard/read about it — but if you have a Dino-obsessed little person, it certainly looks like the place to be.

From their web site,
Field Station: Dinosaurs is a world-class family attraction that combines cutting-edge science with the creative minds of great artists to create a one-of-kind experience that’s thrilling, educational and fun.
  Set against the breathtaking natural backdrop of the New Jersey Meadowlands and nestled at the base of a 150 million year old rock formation, the Field Station is an oasis of natural wonder just nine minutes from New York City. Over thirty life-sized, realistic dinosaurs (including the 90 foot long Argentinasaurus, the largest animatronic dinosaur ever made) come to life thanks to the brilliant engineering of the world’s leading roboticists and the imagination of our artists.  And at the center of it all is the fun, the joy and the wonder of dinosaurs. Our expedition takes every family on a shared adventure – full of mystery, surprise and a sense of awe.  Opening Day May 26, 2012.

Check it out at  And if you go, be sure to let us at EssentialMom know what you thought!  I would love to hear if it is as cool as it looks!