in Essential Reads

Author: Michael Grant
Review by TJM
Main characters are Sam Temple, Caine Soren, Astrid Ellison, Pete Ellison, Dekka Talent, Brianna, Drake Merwin, the Darkness.
In the first book of the series (Gone), all adults disappear from an area in California with a 20 mile radius. A barrier forms so that the people who are left inside cannot escape in any way, and the children are left to fend for themselves. Leading up to Plague in the series, many essential things are slowly taken away from the kids inside. Things such as food, electricity, and water are scarce and illness and internal conflict are abundant and dangerous, with many of the children dying. However, the children start to develop impossible powers such as teleportation, lightning speed, telekinesis, the ability to cancel gravity, and the power to shoot light from their hands. These powers help to keep the kids safe and can be beneficial, but can also be bad if in the wrong hands.
In Plague, the 4th book in the series, a deadly illness strikes Perdido Beach, the town inside the barrier, and starts to slowly wipe out the people infected. While all of this is happening, an unstoppable species of giant bugs begin to develop with the help of the Darkness, an evil creature buried in a mine shaft. The bugs attack the town under the command of Drake Merwin, a psychopath who hopes to kill everyone in Perdido Beach. Caine Soren comes from his home on an island offshore but still inside the barrier to help defeat the bugs, and is successful. While this happens, Sam Temple is on a mission to find food, water, and a new place to settle to get away from what is by now a ghost town in Perdido Beach. As a result, he is not there to help when the town is attacked, but in the end, his journey is extremely beneficial to the kids who decide to move to the place he found.
I loved this book as much as any of the previous 3 because it was similar in that it was full of action and interesting the whole way through, but it was not poorly written so that it was not interesting to read and learn from. I dislike books that fill themselves with intrigue, only to completely mess it all up for me by not being well-written. These books are a perfect balance for me and every single one satisfies. I will surely finish the series.
Rating: 4 out of 5