Organization progress

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If you actually read about my venture into an organized fall you will know that I am turning over a new leaf and trying to keep my you-know-what together here. And so far, I have to say, it’s still working! I nearly faltered last Sunday and tried to ignore my inner-guilt to set out the week, but the guilt perservered and then it took all of 15 minutes to pull it together — and those 15 minutes really make a HUGE difference.

I resignedly sat down at my desk Sunday afternoon and printed the google calendar for the week — which already saved us one quiz and one viola forgotten in the last 5 minutes before school. Score two points for the calendar printout on the fridge.

And then on to the menus — I got my little sticky pad out, wrote out menus for the week along with one grocery list of ingredients needed for said menus…and boom, we were organized again. Post to fridge and smooth out the week. I have been taking the post-its down after the meal is served and that is oddly satisfying too – PLUS, I am saving them to repost another week — I mean really, the menu list of what they’ll eat isn’t long, there’s no reason I can’t just shuffle them and re-post for next week right? Ok, so what are these meals? I’ll share….IF you first understand that I STINK in the kitchen and am really branching out here — so I don’t want to hear any complaints about the menus. Use your own if you don’t like grilled cheese! Geez. It’s got calcium.

Week 1.

And no, I didn’t organize the weekend too. WAY too much to think about ahead and really, on the weekend there’s not the same hurry with homework and extracurricular nonsense invading on my time. Oh, and same goes for Thursday and Friday this week…no school, no menus ahead. And yes, I am justifying, but it’s working right?

Week 2.

All menus can be found on under RECIPES.  Take a peek, find some new options and if you are feeling kind — share some here with me — I am always desperate for something new and kid-friendly to try!