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Ok, got you, it’s not really anyone around here having 8 babies (can’t even begin to imagine how hard that would be, I can’t even joke) — but there are 8 new baby wolves right here in Westchester County at the Wolf Conservation Center.

From the WCC:

We are so thrilled to announce that on May 6, 2012 Wolf Conservation Center staff discovered that our off-exhibit Mexican gray wolf breeding pair had pups!  “Mama Wolf” F749 and “Papa Wolf” M740 welcomed their very first litter of pups sometime very early yesterday morning.  The litter consists of eight wolves, five boys and three girls and each no larger than a potato.  With about 400 Mexican wolves left on the planet, these pups are a valuable addition to a critically endangered species.  Click here to watch a video of the pups!

Some upcoming fun at the WCC:

Celebrate Mom and Mother Nature at the Wolf Conservation Center! Learn about the mythology, biology and ecology of wolf families and discover why spring is a special time for packs in North America. Whether the wolves are living on the Arctic tundra or the high desert of the southwest, wolf families are out searching for prey as they celebrate the births of this year’s pups! Guests will visit Ambassador wolves Atka, Alawa, and Zephyr as well as the WCC’s critically endangered red wolves and Mexican gray wolves. Pre-registration is required.  May 13th at 11am. Click here to register.