New York State’s First Fuel-Efficient Car Show!

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Get behind the wheel of today’s most advanced Hybrid, Electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars — Get the complete picture about Electric Drive Vehicles, in one place, at one time — every Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid car available on the market in New York State.  Sunday, April 28, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (rain or shine).  Grand Prix New York at the Park, 333 North Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, NY.

Ride/Drive or Talk with the Dealer: Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, BMW Active E, Chevy Volt, Malibu Eco, Toyota Prius, Prius v, Prius c, Prius Plug-in Hybrid, Honda Accord Plug-in, Civic, CR-Z, Insight, Lexus RX550H, CT200H, ES300H…and more! Owners’ Corner: Get the Inside Scoop — Talk to the owners of the Electric Drive vehicles.  Ask them the benefits and issues of each of the cars.  Learn How to Charge Your Electric Drive Car:  Discuss with the experts — charging in off-peak times, using solar power, See demonstrations of Charging Stations, Solar panels for garages, Talk with Solar Power Installers, Walk into the future and see how train stations, equipped with solar roof panels are perfect spot to charge your car.  Municipal Fleet Vehicles: Learn How to Save Money and Reduce Pollution. Check out what local towns are doing with electric drive vehicles — traffic enforcement electric cars, hybrid sanitation trucks, hybrid transit buses.  Find out how to analyze cost savings for your municipality over the lifetime of the vehicle.  Business Owners: find out how to save money with electric fleet vehicles.  Farmers/Landscapers/Horse riders: check out Electric pick-up trucks and other farm equipment. Students and Parents: Talk to the experts about how to build an Electric Car; check out the fuel and maintenance savings on electric drive vehicles.

Why Switch to Electric Drive Vehicles?  Because they save money, reduce pollution, increase energy independence, and create jobs.  Right now, dependence on oil threatens our nation’s economic, environmental and national security. And two-thirds of our total oil consumption is used just for transportation. If we electrified just half of cars and light trucks in America, we could reduce oil consumption by nearly 5 million barrels a day. We’d also improve human health and the environment. Cars and trucks in the United States emit about one million tons of CO2 every day.  Bedford 2020 Coalition, the sponsor of the Car Show, is a nonprofit committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving our natural resources and educating the community about actions they can take to achieve these goals.  For more information, go to