Neighbors Link

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Neighbors Link is a community-based organization dedicated to helping impoverished Hispanic families in our area. Our mission is to strengthen our community by actively enhancing the healthy integration of Latino immigrants. Working to Educate, Empower and Employ, we offer programs in education, job assistance and more. We teach English every day of the week, targeting the special needs of women, day laborers, and families. We also house and help sustain the Headstart early childhood education program, preparing 33 non-English speaking children for kindergarten annually. Our job assistance efforts include the operation of a hiring site for day laborers, a job bank for referrals and job training programs such as our sewing workshop and computer classes. We offer legal clinics, health screenings, and workshops with mental health professionals. A Spanish-language alcoholics anonymous group meets twice weekly at Neighbors Link. We also operate an in-house, self-sustaining café offering a non-alcoholic setting to socialize for 400 clients weekly. The café is managed by former day workers and serves food and non-alcoholic beverages at below market rates. Our hope is that by reaching out to these newest and often most vulnerable members of our community, we can help them find a place in our society and enrich all our lives. To find out how you can become involved, please contact Carola Bracco, executive director, at 914-666-3410, ext. 12, or visit We`re always looking for volunteers.