Natural Kids, Westmoreland Sanctuary

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NATURAL KIDS: SUMMER NATURE CLASSES AT WESTMORELAND.  Let your child be a ‘Natural Kid’:  Summer classes at Westmoreland are designed to spark creativity and encourage teamwork and an appreciation for nature.  Participants age K-5 will work together under the supervision of our naturalists and other staff to create projects bound only by their imagine using natural materials in specific settings of our beautiful preserve.  Projects may include: rock cairn sculpture, giant bird’s nest, floating frog raft, branch fortress and monster throne.  While creating the children will be encouraged to notice the wildlife around them and our naturalists will be on hand to point out interesting creatures and plants.  In case of inclement weather, participants will create a project for display in our museum and learn to care for our ambassador animals.  The Natural Kid program is being offered in the following sessions:  Session 1: June 24-27 (4 days)  1-3:30 pm, $150 ($130 for members), Session 2: August 19, 21, 22, 23—9:30-11:30,  $150 ($130 for members), Session 3: August 26, 27, 28 & 29—9:30-11:30, $150 ($130 for members).  Westmoreland Sanctuary, Inc., 260 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Bedford Corners, New York 10549,