Mystery & Mayhem

in Catering & Services

Let Mystery & Mayhem spice up your next event with an interactive mystery that is as extraordinary and hilarious as it is unpredictable!  Hailed by Quest Magazine as “The Best of New York” we’ve been stimulating and delighting the inner sleuths and thespians of kids since 1988.

Created by professional actress and teacher, Judy Rosenblatt, these special age-appropriate versions of villainy (some of which include characters from Nancy Drew, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes) excite and engross your kids aged 8 – 18.  For the littler ones, we offer tailor-made treasures hunts, fortune-telling, acting and make-a-play parties.)

“We have never forgotten Oliver’s party and how fabulous you were.  Now here we are six years later and it is time to start planning a Mystery party for his Bar Mitzvah!”Wendy Tomajko, Croton-on-Hudson

“Mystery & Mayhem parties have become the most anxiously anticipated social event of the school season!” Angelica Sigalos-Nelson, Forest Hills, NY  (Mystery parties for her three girls, aged, 8, 10 and 12 and treasure hunt for her 5 year old son).

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