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As you begin your New Year with resolutions and efforts to lead your ‘Better Life’ — check out the following tools….

www.getmilkshake.comPut a little good in your life.  Milkshake, a free daily email dedicated to finding the good in everything features companies, causes, people, places and products which give back and make a difference.   Sign up for the newsletter and join the Milkshake movement. Be a part of all that’s good!

Check out the adult version and the kids’ version — a great e-newsletter which show-cases great products, causes, and ways to get involved in charity.  The best part?  Many of their suggestions involve awesome products that are not only great, but serve a bigger cause!  Today’s feature?, a pretty bracelet that will help you stick to your New Year’s goals!  Looking good, and feeling good!  Get on it.