Kids Run The Farm

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Up for a bit of fall fun AND a great work-out?  Check out Kids Run the Farm or the adult Run the Farm — two fun races through the heart of Muscoot Farm.  Check out this community staple and get a run in at the same time.

Details?  The kids race is open to children 12 and under. This is a real race for the kids — and will give them a challenge! To give you an idea of the distances involved, 1 kilometer is 1,000 meters (approximately 6/10ths of a mile) — which is two and a half times around the track around a standard football field. The 2k for the older kids is twice that distance (5x around the track).  Unlike the track, this course is not flat (see elevation profile below) and is run over dirt farm roads and trails through the woods of Muscoot Farm. At no time does the course go onto pavement so there are no worries about cars at all.  The REGULAR course is approximately 1.1 miles (2k) and is for kids 7-12 years old.  The SHORT course is 0.6 miles (1k) and is for kids 6 years old and under.  Kids course walk through (both 6 & under and 7-12 year old courses) will be held two sundays before Run The Farm (10/7/12 at around 9am).  Both courses are entirely on the farm and are run over a combination of farm roads, meadow, and single track trail. There is no pavement on the kids (or 5 mile) courses. There will most likely be some mud and/or puddles (depending on the pre-race rainfall) on parts of the course but there are no water crossings.  Parents are welcome to run with younger children and we strongly encourage parents (or an older sibling) to run with those children 5 and under.  The course will be very well marked and there will be course marshalls to direct the racers so they don’t go off track.  There will be age awards to the top finishers for each age (i.e. top 3 year old boy, top 3 year old girl, top 4 year old boy, top 4 year old girl, etc.) and every child who participates will receive a ribbon with a medal.  In addition, every kid finisher will receive $2 in “Farm Bucks” that can be spent at the adjacent Muscoot Farmer’s Market on the day of the races.  The kids races will begin at 8:30 AM, 30 minutes before the 5 mile trail race.  The two age groups will leave in 2 different heats with the 7-12 year olds starting at 8:30am and the 3-6 year olds starting 4 minutes later. The timing is important so the older kids don’t overlap the younger ones coming out on the course.  The ending of the kids race will be very close to the start of the main event 5 mile trail race.  The intent is to have the kids race finished before the 5 mile race begins so parents can see their kids race and finish.

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