Just Gorgeous

in Essential Ramblings

Wow. Today was the best day I’ve had in a while.  Thank you to my ladies for following me around the trails at the Butler Nature Preserve in Mount Kisco — a gorgeous backwoods adventure, and to one of the ladies for bagels in the park after — what a total treat.  I came home, opened all of the windows to let the stale winter air OUT, sat outside making calls to my mama, emailed some folks, and soaked in the sun.  No newsletter today, but a very healthy, happy Essentialmom.  Back to work tomorrow.  For now, you’ll just have to settle for a little slice of my day….hope yours were wonderful too.  If not, go breathe in some of that air now — wherever you need to be can wait five minutes while you get a little fresh air.  It makes all of the difference in the world.