Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

in Holiday Giving

Every day, Clearwater works to educate our communities about sustainable living through education and advocacy efforts. This year is no different.   We are living in an era that has seen and will continue to witness life changing events. We can all commit now to make an impact for the future. Give thanks for your family and friends by giving the gift of future health and prosperity and donate to Clearwater today.   We can care for our rivers and oceans. We can teach our children how to care for our earth. We can stand up to those who threaten our health and safety.   We can make change happen.

With your donation, you can ensure that thousands of children continue to experience environmental education on the historic sloop Clearwater each year by contributing to the critical winter restoration effort. You can attend the public hearings being held during the much debated relicensing case on the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and become a voice to ensure safety for the millions of us who live in the 50 mile evacuation zone. Supporting Clearwater’s Environmental Action and Justice efforts helps us all to recognize that we are a community who together can work towards a safe future with renewable energy.  Contributing to Clearwater transforms the future of youth and communities along the Hudson River. Your support via a life changing gift is a commitment to make a step toward the creation of real solutions.  Donate to Clearwater to ensure a sustainable future now and for future generations.

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