How much is too much?

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How much is too much? How much information can our kids take? What information about the world should they have? Do they need to know about crimes, wars, child molesters? I was speaking to a friend this morning about an alert on a sex offender in the Bedford area…the offender living in the Farms Road area by the way, and talking about our Halloween plans. That street is full of trick or treaters, kids running about, and general chaos on Halloween. It quickly led our discussion to how to talk to the kids about the world in general and about the offender in particular.

As I have watched my own kids over the years, I have watched them become fearful of the world, worried about current events, and concerned over the general state of world affairs…and the list of worries is just so very, very long. Environmental disasters, wars, terrorist attacks, abductions, rape, murder. Just watch the Today Show for twenty minutes and you’ll hear it all. We think these morning shows are more innocuous, but they are chock full of terrifying information and my guys’ eyes grow wide until they are begging to turn something else on. They are hearing it all, and going to school and having fire drills, lock down drills, talking about bullying, hiding under their desks, being asked to write about current events (when was the last time you read a positive current event?) and more. Sometimes I wonder how that all processes and how they can function for fear of the world.

So, what do you tell them and how do you feed it to them in ways that don’t terrify them? Talking about stranger danger, educating them about dangers without freaking them out? I’m open for ideas, because frankly, my kids are freaked. But how can I send them off without that education?

Wanna talk about it? Leave me a note, give me a clue, I’ll take any thoughts you have. I am feeling dark and moody today.

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