Hospice Care in Westchester & Putnam

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Hospice Care in Westchester and Putnam is the area`s largest non-profit provider of home care to patients facing life threatening or advanced illness. The goal of Hospice Care is to enhance comfort, support, and dignity while preserving the quality of life of the patients they serve. Hospice is for families too, supporting them in managing stresses and coping with a loved one`s illness. We enable our patients to remain at home with quality of life and physical comforts. Hospice coordinates all services for our patients, including hospital care, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Hospice is also using a special type of therapy, available free-of-charge, called The Healing Arts, which uses Therapeutic Touch, Shiatsu Massage, Acupressure, music and art therapy to help promote pain management, relaxation and reduce anxiety.  An affiliate of the VNA of Hudson Valley, their services are offered to all residents in both Westchester and Putnam County. For more information please call (914) 666-4228 ext 211 or check out our website at www.vnahv.org.