Horace Greeley History Hunt: Trails and Tribulations

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Horace Greeley History Hunt:  Trails and Tribulations will be coming September 15, 2012!
The New Castle Historical Society will be kicking off our newest History Hunt game at the Society’s booth on Community Day (September 15, 2012). Many of you participated in last year’s game: solving puzzles, deciphering codes and following clues all around the town of Chappaqua in the name of fun and Horace. This year’s game, however, will take you even farther afield to many places in New Castle that you may well have never been to, or even know exist! And we would like to acquaint you all with some of them. Our Trails and Tribulations game will be mainly a game of geocaching and will include puzzle solving, treasure hunting, exploring, and hiking, all with a dose of local history thrown in for good measure (of course!). We anticipate running the game through at least December 2012, but maybe even longer so everyone has plenty of time to finish the game.  For those who know nothing about geocaching, here’s a little primer: Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices such as a smart phone or a hand-held GPS gadget. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Before you start the game, you should sign up (it’s free) at www.geocaching.com and download their app (also free) onto your GPS device. At their website you will find all the information you need to start. In fact, this summer, before the start of the game, you may want to try out a few of the easier existing caches (there are caches EVERYWHERE in the world, including lots right here in New Castle) to get the hang of geocaching. I’m willing to bet that once you start you will become hooked! We all are.  For more information go to www.newcastlehs.org, or call 914.238.4666.