Help for the Philippines!!

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The Afya Foundation is partnering with The ABS-CBN Foundation and the Philippine Red Cross to collect and ship medical and humanitarian relief supplies to help victims of the recent typhoon.  Please help by donating supplies, donating funds and/or helping Afya sort through and package goods collected for shipment to the Philippines.


Food (preferably ready-to-eat) canned goods (canned meat, corned beef, sardines, instant noodles, shelf stable milk, rice, spam)
Water purifier tablets
Water containers
Tents and other temporary shelters
Freshly laundered and clean blankets, pillows, sheets towels, etc.
Hygiene kits with personal care items-soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary napkins
Baby diapers and wipes, bottles and baby formula
Cooking apparatus-pots and utensils
Power generators
General medical supplies and over the counter medications at least one year from expiration
Mosquito repellant
Flashlights and batteries

PLEASE DROP OFF Donations, Supplies and/or help us sort at:  THE AFYA FOUNDATION OF AMERICA, 140 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, NY  10701 or call us at: 914-920-5081 or email us at:  Visit