Harry Potter Fans Enter Here

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If your children love Harry Potter as much as mine, I just saw the perfect weekend activity come across my desk (well, actually my in-box, but whatever).  This weekend (November 12-13) is apparently the Quidditch World Cup — held on nearby Randall’s Island.  Turns out there are Quidditch teams popping up all over the place (in particular on college campuses) and there is a real game with rules, a governing body and a multitude of teams from across the country.  The weekend promises games and a carnival atmosphere.  Rowdy college students in crazy outfits probably a side-benefit.  Now as a disclaimer, I have never been to this event, so who knows what the reality is, so use your own judgement please, but on closer inspection, I found the following —

Quidditch World Cup 2011, Randall’s Island, New York, NY, www.worldcupquidditch.com.  A real-life Quidditch tournament extravaganza, on November 12-13 at Randall’s Island, best described by Fox news as “a cross between the superbowl and a medieval festival.”  The World Cup features:  100 college and high school teams from 22 states and four nations, Over 2,000 uniformed, caped, broom-riding athletes, Over a dozen Live rock bands, Wizard Wrock, Circus sideshows, live owl demonstrations, costumes and more, Live commentary on every field from professional improv comedians from the PIT club in NYC, Butterbeer, Turkey Legs, Bertie Botts beans, BBQ, chili, hot chocolate, real beer, and many other things your stomach desires, Wands, brooms, robes, scarves, and other wizardly gear for sale, with Championships in Icahn Stadium, a world class venue that seats 5,000.

Here’s a video of the weekend — looks like a totally silly college weekend.  Check it out for a taste: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K-xgBpQU84

Sounds like awesome chaos right?  If you have a little Potter or mini-Hermione, this might be worth a trip!  Oh, and with the Holidays coming up, if you can’t make it to the weekend’s fun, you can buy your Harry Potter goods at www.alivans.com — they have the absolute best and most beautiful wands I’ve seen.  They are made of pretty woods, have tales and certificates that come with them, and a ton of choices to fit your wizard or witches individual personality — totally magical.