Guild Home for Aged Blind

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The Guild Home for Aged Blind is a residential health care facility for elderly people with a broad range of vision loss. It offers comprehensive medical, nursing and rehabilitative services for long-term residents as well as persons requiring short-term rehabilitation. Professional staff members, including medical doctors, registered nurses, certified social workers, nutritionists, rehabilitation specialists and staff psychiatrists provide assessment, consultations and counseling services. The primary focus of the Guild Home is to help individuals maximize their potential while enabling them to live as independently as possible.  The Guild Home also includes two additional facilities, each a unique center for specialized care: The Newman Center for Alzheimer Care and the Felkay Center for AIDS Care. The Newman Center for Alzheimer Care is a 26-bed skilled nursing center providing a therapeutic environment with an emphasis on dignified living for people with Alzheimer`s Disease or a related dementia.  For more information, please call 914-220-8611 or e-mail  The Felkay Center for AIDS Care is a 20-bed skilled nursing facility for persons with HIV illness. For more information, please call 914-220-8532 or e-mail