Guess it’s time…get ready!

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From the Village of Mt Kisco –

The Village continues to prepare for Hurricane Sandy which is expected to arrive in our area Sunday evening and continue into Wednesday.  Rainfall amounts of at least 3 inches (up to 10 inches are possible) will be accompanied by tropical winds in excess of 50 mph.  As a result, residents and businesses should prepare for flooding, power outages and road closures.  Your storm preparations should include the following:
Assemble a disaster supply kit with food, water, medical supplies and prescription drugs.
Maintain important documents in a waterproof container.
Secure or bring in outdoor furniture, grills and loose items in your yard.
Have supplies of batteries, flashlights and a battery operated radio.
Ensure that your car is full of fuel prior to the storm.
If your electric service goes out contact Con Ed directly at 1-800-75-CONED.  Calling Con Ed directly will allow for your power loss to be registered into their computerized database.  Use 911 ONLY to report true emergencies (including down wires and trees blocking roads).       DO NOT APPROACH ANY DOWNED WIRES.  Mount Kisco Emergency Preparedness Officials will continue to monitor and prepare for the storm and provide updated information throughout the storm event.  For additional information please visit the Village’s website at or tune into:  WHUD – FM 100.7 and/or WFAS – AM 1230.  Important information for Village residents will be broadcast through these stations.  For additional information on how to prepare for the storm please visit the following websites: and/or

And a note from….(not to make light of the coming storm…just in ADDITION to making REAL preparations)

Get ready your playing cards and move the legos to a secure location where you can find them quickly in the center of the house.
Turn the TV on for the next two days so the kids get sick of it and are ready to have no electricity.
Find and assemble your art supplies, paper, scissors, and stickers.  Place them in a bin that makes them look more exciting than they are.
Prepare extra blankets, pillows and fort making items and place them in the living room for tent building and snuggling.
When you are out at the grocery store, swing by your favorite book store and get some new books.
Save any cardboard boxes that you have lying around and consider them for fort building potential.  Keep markers and box cutters on hand for enhancement purposes.
Look up recipes on line for play dough and get those items you need to make it.
Think out the race course through the house that will lead to the expulsion of energy.  Just a tip from someone who has done that, be sure that the course runs in a circle or kids tend to run into each other, causing tears and headaches. Not what you need.
Get unhealthy snacks, juice boxes, and wine.

* DO NOT let the kids get into any of these prepared items until you absolutely HAVE TO.  Stall until you all can’t stand it and then look like the queen you are when you save the day.  Best of luck to you and yours.