Grooving Opportunities

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL?  JUGGLING SCHEDULES?  Check out Groove’s 6 Fall essentials to get back into the Groove — a little something for everyone’s schedule!

1. Single Classes
For any available day/time.
Posted one-week in advance

2. Weekend JAMS
Every Saturday at 9:30 + 10:30
Purchase one week at a time

3. Family JAM 8-Pack
Save time and $40.  Limited time offer
that you can find HERE

4. More class locations
Larchmont, Tarrytown + Greenwich
We now Groove in the Schools, too.

5.  50% off for Siblings
for all Music for Aardvarks classes
Sibs under 10 months attend free.

6.  Groove Afterschool
music, art, yoga, ukulele
more for the biggest kids

To add more groove to your life please visit