Girl AGain Resale Boutique Opens in Hartsdale

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Girl AGain, a great new resource for the all the girls and parents of Westchester who want American Girl brand dolls at reasonable prices, has opened in Hartsdale.  Located at 157 South Central Avenue, inside the Sweet Heaven Family Spa, this one-of-a-kind shop offers high-quality new and gently used American Girl dolls, outfits, furniture, books and accessories.  There will also be tea parties and craft activities.  The shop is operated by the new non-profit Yes She Can, Inc., which provides job skill development and employment for teenage girls and young women with autism. “This is a terrific way to repurpose these popular, but expensive, dolls  – perhaps once loved but no longer played with – for a worthy cause,” says Yes She Can founder, Marjorie Madfis, of White Plains.   “Imagine Bitty Babies for only $25 or an excellent condition American Girl doll for $75!”  The shop is a great place to expand a collection or to purchase that first really special doll, but more importantly, for the young women on the autistic spectrum who work here, says Madfis, “it is  an incubator, readying them for mainstream employment.”  The staff learns how to do it all, from pricing products competitively (by comparing prices on eBay), to researching doll’s hairstyles, to posting on Pinterest.  It is only fitting to pair the training program with American Girl, since the  brand extends a strong message about girl empowerment.   At Girl AGain, all of the merchandise is accessible.  Encouraging young customers to interact with the dolls, unwrapped and posed in imaginative vignettes with all of their accessories, makes this boutique unique.   Of course, American Girl lovers will  find all their favorite historic dolls and their furnishings here:  Kit with her orange crate scooter, Samantha with her school desk, Felicity with her horse, and Josefina with her adobe oven. There are dolls that represent “girls of today” with contemporary clothing including a cheerleading outfit, an Irish dancing costume, a basketball uniform and pajamas.  The shop has a collection of new and used books about the girls in history, as well as advice books on hair care and dealing with bullies.  Girl AGain Boutique ( is open Tuesday though Friday 11-5, Saturday and Sunday, 10-5 p.m..   For more information, call (646) 833-8315.