Friends of Karen

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Friends of Karen’s mission is to provide emotional, financial and advocacy support for children with a life-threatening illness and their families, in order to help keep them stable, functioning and able to cope.  Since our founding in 1978, we have served approximately 5,000 children and their families. When siblings are counted we have touched the lives of over 12,400 children. 

Friends of Karen offers many ways to get involved with their mission and support their families.  Below are three efforts that are coming up this spring.  For more information, visit

35th Anniversay Celebration on the Sound
Save the Date!
Friday, June 14, 2013
Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club, Mamaroneck, NY
Honoring Palma Patti and Acura of Westchester
For more information contact or visit


The Dimes Project:  How Meghan Inspired A Gift for Families at Friends of Karen

Meghan loved playing soccer, shopping for clothes, and hanging out with friends. She was a fun-loving and courageous teen.  One day soon after she lost her battle with cancer, her family found a dime on the sidewalk. Then they started finding dimes all the time, and they remembered the idea of ‘pennies from heaven,’ that when you find a penny it means that a loved one who is gone is thinking of you. But they used to tease Meghan about being ‘high maintenance,’ so they said, “That’s just like Meghan, she wouldn’t do ‘pennies from heaven,’ she’d do dimes!”  This kept happening, and Meghan’s family had an inspiration. “Life can turn on a dime,” they said, and they decided to do something about it: every time they found a dime, they put it in a special jar. When they got around to counting it, they had $76 in dimes!  They donated it to Friends of Karen in Meghan’s honor to help other families like theirs.  You can be part of Meghan’s inspiration: collect dimes from your friends, neighbors and family to help sick children and their families.

Here’s how:

  • Choose your timeframe – It could be the fall term of school or the months leading up to your birthday or another special occasion.
  • Set your dollar goal – This is really important!  You’ll be surprised how it can motivate and inspire you.
  • Create your jar – A big jar is best and you can decorate it any way you like to attract attention (and dimes)!
  • Decide where to put your jar – In a store? At your school? On your kitchen counter?  You may want to make a sign, or ask us for copies of this card to hand out.
  • Count your collection – You can get paper rollers or use a coin counting machine (many banks have them).  Once you have a total, call us to arrange your delivery.

If you would like help getting started, contact Denise Tredwell or call her at 914-617-4052. On Long Island and Queens, contact Patricia Conway or at 631-473-1768 ext.3.  Thank you!

The Gift of a Holiday Dinner for a Sick Child 

Christina, a Friends of Karen child, and her family look forward to a holiday dinner.  Easter and Passover are very meaningful holidays, and a great time for families to get together. But when parents are overwhelmed by caring for a child with a life-threatening illness, they often have to skip important family occasions — and the whole family misses out on the memorable holiday festivities.  Please help solve the problem:  Contribute an A&P, Shoprite, Stop & Shop or Pathmark gift card to Friends of Karen so that a family can enjoy the foods that have special meaning for their important holiday.

Contact Denise Tredwell,, or call 914-617-4052 to participate, or click here to make a  donation on our secure webpage (select Easter and Passover Program from the “This gift is for” menu).