First of the season!

in Essential Ramblings

First of the Season? You may think I am going to refer to a beautiful flower or a walk or wax poetic about something spring-like — well, I guess I am, but I’m talking about frozen yogurt. My son and I stopped for our first frozen yogurt in a while today post hair-cut — because even though he is 12, I still have to bribe him to get his hair cut — actually maybe even more now that he is 12…but that’s a different story. Anyway, we stopped by Frannie’s Goodie Shop in Mt Kisco and I will admit that I haven’t been in for a while — frozen yogurt in the cold of winter just doesn’t call to me…but it was calling today and oh, so worth the stop. Delicious treats, toppings, and the nicest, most welcoming staff. If you haven’t been to Frannie’s yet or haven’t been in a while, get over there — it’s as good as it looks.

Click here to visit Frannie’s on facebook. Frannie’s Goodie Shop, 134 E Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY 10549