Field Station: Dinosaurs Camp Out

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Field Station: Dinosaurs, the 20-acre outdoor Jurassic expedition that brought the tri-state area up close and personal with 32 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs and a 15-foot Mighty T-Rex, now presents Dozin’ with Dinos, an overnight adventure on Saturdays, July 13th and August 10th. This cretaceous campout includes a lantern-lit tour through the park’s .75 mile trail, a viewing of the extended version of the 3D movie, Dinosaurs Alive!, s’mores and campfire songs and lots more pre-historic fun. “There hasn’t been a dinosaur sleepover in 65 million years and we’ve got some catching up to do,” says Guy Gsell, Executive Producer of Field Station: Dinosaurs. “Forget crickets and roosters – we’ll be falling asleep to the roars of Velociraptors and waking up to the blasting horn of Parasaurolophus! In between we’ll experience what it’s like on to be on a real dinosaur dig after the sun goes down.” Dozin’ with Dinos sponsors Coleman provided all tents and cots for the overnight expeditions, and Whole Foods Market will serve breakfast. Space on these unique expeditions is limited; tickets can be purchased in advance online for $75/person at or at the box office at 855.999.9010. One adult is required for every three children, and space is limited.