Family Volunteering

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A few years back, I had an idea that struck me in the middle of the night — I honestly can’t remember why, or what in the world I had been obsessing about at the time, but I am sure it was around the Holidays and that I was feeling that my kids were just so very, very lucky.  We live in a wonderful area, with good schools, and kind neighbors, and surrounded by more lucky people.  We have food to eat, and clothes to wear, a roof over our heads, and books to read.  Lucky.  And so, as I thought about how lucky we are and how I want my kids to understand what they have and appreciate it, I stayed up all night thinking through a concept of a family volunteer program — where the kids and parents work together to create, and help, and engage with those who may be less lucky than we are.  People who are maybe sick, or economically disadvantaged, or new to our country, kids who maybe don’t have books at home, or are hungry or need clothes.  Although we live in a place that is beautiful, there are still plenty of needs and I wondered how I could make that a connection for our kids.  And so I started a small volunteer group, filled with friends and families who also cared to share these ideas with their kids.  Sometimes we take care of the environment, sometimes we take care of people, or collect things, play with sick kids, make cards for soldiers, and the list goes on and on.  It feels good and the kids love it.  Some of the issues they understand well, others they just want to spend a Sunday with friends or do something with their family.  Whatever piece they learn or understand and how it translates to their consciousness is fine by me — a couple of hours spent not thinking about themselves is enough.

And so, in my rambling way I invite you to join my family for an event that we have set up at Northern Westchester Hospital on October 28th from 1-3pm.  We will be packaging trick or treat bags for the pediatric patients at the Hospital.  The event will take place in their conference room, so there will not be actual contact with the patients, but we will give a quick bit of information to the kids about the hospital and then have them work on the project.  Nothing scary, nothing too heavy, just a little time doing something for someone else.

Care to jump in?

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