Evening Workout

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Ahhh…the sounds of the 80’s — a little “Let’s Get Pysical’ and some ‘Maniac’ from Flashdance topped off by a little MC Hammer — belting out of the stereo tonight as my 8 year old does what he calls his salsa dance — while the 11 year old was doubled over laughing at his brother — nothing better to end a Thursday. Sometimes we all have to just put aside the crazy of the world, the pressure of school or work or life in general and act ridiculous. So simple, yet so genius. It all began because while waiting for the bus with our slightly nervous because of the new middle school days son, a man in all white, including short shorts, and a white headband speed walked past us and my husband started singing (quietly of course) Let’s Get Physical and had our son rolling laughing. A little laughter at someone else’ expense, but is it wrong if it cheers the kids up? Maybe, but it was funny. Gosh, I hope none of you know him. He’s got a superior speed walk I must say, but I must add my thanks for adding a little levity to a kid’s day. Don’t worry we paid it forward as the FedEx man came up the driveway to catch us jumping around like lunatics to James Brown. Pay it forward yourself and get your groove on — it’s a great workout after dinner too!

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