Essential iPhone Shopping

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My husband keeps wondering why I change my iPhone cases like I change my wardrobe and what can I answer but these two simple responses?

1.  The case always fits and looks good. Who doesn’t like that?  Much more fun than shopping for jeans that fit.

2.  Market research.  I do it for you, the reader.  I am just that giving.  I HAVE to try out new sytles, new fads, new looks.  Honestly, I am just that giving.  You’re welcome.

So, my latest favorites?


I’ll admit that I carry my iPhone everywhere — you know, so the kids can always reach me in an emergency.  Or, more honestly, so I can check my email, read my book, gawk through facebook at people’s obscure postings, and generally waste time while sitting in the pick up line at school or at the dentist’s office.  On the flip side, I hate carrying my pocketbook everywhere — so, introducing Eyn iPhone cases — with an opening in the back that is big enough for credit cards, money, and an ID.  The perfect accompanyment for any outfit.  It is slightly thicker than an average case, but still fits easily in my back pocket.  An added plus that I discovered last night while on face time with my nieces — you can use the back opening as a “kick-stand” to put the iphone on the counter while you talk.  Super fun.  We even talked to their hamster Greta who my kids decided was definitely cuter on video than she is in person.

Case Mate —

And for the fashion forward, a design-your-own case.  You can upload a design, photo, or image and they will print it right on the back of your case.  These are great for photos for the kids — so easy to show off your little wonders.

Happy shopping.  I will continue to be on the look-out for fabulous new finds for you…don’t worry.