Dressing up for the storm

in Essential Ramblings

Ok, so this is a weird post.  I know it and I don’t care.  Maybe I am just trying to explain myself before people see me, maybe I am just SO sick of writing about the storm or being sad or hearing about and feeling the devastation that this has brought to people around us…so today I am going to write about what I am wearing.  It might be a first as usually what I am wearing is a pair of sweatpants and a fleece.  Today though, waking up freezing and looking at the snow outside, I decided that I just couldn’t put the baggy jeans back on today.  So I went in my closet and dusted off this amazing shawl that I bought (at the fabulous Planned Parenthood Empower Breakfast I might add) and put it on with some (tight for me) jeans out of my closet.  I have to tell you, it looks fab (I must say) — I feel totally dressed up — YET, it is like wearing a blanket around all cozy for the day!  YUM.  Best part?  It is made so it sort of just fits — you know how some wraps and scarves just feel like they need constant adjusting?  This one just sits on your shoulders like a sweater — with no fuss. Oh, did I mention it is MACHINE WASH? And made by moms?  Yup, check it sister.  I got the green one at the urging of friends (while I was reaching for my usual black) — all of the colors are gorgeous, warm and delightful.

April Marin, thank you for the lift today…click here to see what I’m talking about!  And no, this is not a paid advertisement.  Go in your closet, find something fun and put it on.  I already feel feisty and better about the day.  And yes, if you are still without power, you go ahead and want to kick me for this post…I would.