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With the holiday off from school this week, we decided on a trip into the city with the kids. I love this time of year in the city. Generally it’s crisp, and new, and bustling. Instead it was hot and rainy, but let’s pretend it was a crisp fall weekend…it will be in my memory anyway.

So the highlights?

Dylan’s Candy Bar. If you haven’t taken the kids yet, you’re just mean. It is a wonderland of sugar, color, and taste…And parents screaming at their kids, children whining, and negotiations like no where else on this earth. Law offices the world over should pick their future legal teams there and skip the job fairs. Anyway, that all said, definitely go. Just have a plan for what you will say yes to, and how you choose to have them eat the candy after purchase. Are you a pick two pieces a day parent, or eat until you are sick so the begging is over parent? Personally, I know it’s wrong, but I am generally the later. And I usually buy myself a bag of goodies too, and I don’t want to eat a piece a day either, it’s torture.

The MoMA. There is currently an exhibit called Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects. It’s an interactive display about the use of technology in our world. Plenty of touch and see exhibits. Many over the kids’ heads, but also some interesting items too. If you have been looking to introduce the kids to the MoMA, this is a good time to go there.

The Lion King. I can’t say enough how wonderful it was. We’ve put it off for years hearing that maybe it was too long, too complicated or too something. But, it’s beautiful. Best to know the story ahead of time, as it definitely follows the movie, so for kids it helps to know what is happening, and there were some slightly dark and sad bits, but the costumes, the music and the set design are astounding. We went to a late show (8pm) which is usually way too late for my younger son, but they didn’t even realize how long they were sitting or how late it was. They were spellbound by the beauty, there was always action on stage, and my little one kept whispering to me, isn’t this the best mom? And kissing me. And sighing. I loved it. Definitely a must see at some time in your kids’ lives. If your kids sit still moderately well, any age after 5 probably works, if they have a hard time sitting, I would wait for 7. But then go!!!

The city in the fall is just awesome. We live close to the city for a reason, sometimes we forget to use it.

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