New baby list

Here we have put together a list of baby needs that every mother should know about– no wipe warmers, no bottle cleaning systems, no super-absurd, marketing hype items to make you crazy or to make your diaper bag too heavy to carry- here are the true essentials for a newborn (and even this list is excessive)!

Baby nail clippers (you won`t believe how long their nails are even after they have just arrived!)

Infant bath sponge - no need for those huge plastic tubs- this lies right in the bottom of your tub, doesn`t make the baby slip and is nice and cozy for them.

Washcloths & cloth diapers to throw over your shoulder to keep YOU dry.

Tons of clean white t-shirts (whenever buying clothes- err towards the larger sizes, they fit in the 0-3 month clothes for about a day)

Car seat/infant carrier

Nipples/bottles – even if you plan on breast feeding, it’s best to have them on hand in case the little one decides that breast feeding is not for them

Stroller - make sure that they are EASY to fold and lightweight. Also, I happen to prefer that they have two handles – they are easier to drive with one hand…
If you need a pack-n-play, get an extra mattress - those things are awful for little people – they are sooo hard – I don`t know how they ever fall asleep in them!

Pacifiers and pacifier holders – they may be a lifesaver.  Just a thought too — you can throw a pacifier away, you can’t get rid of their thumb– go with a pacifier!

Bibs (even though they may not be eating soon- some of these little wonders are spitter-upers- best to be equipped with bibs to protect their clothes)

Receiving blankets   

Monitor — something simple is fine, no need for the video monitor with all of the bells and whistles

Thermometer — the kind that goes under their arm works in most cases

Balmex or other diaper rash ointment — for sore bottoms

Mobile — only if YOU want one — a simple mobile (don’t bother with the lights and sounds mobiles – just something to look at will do – otherwise you have to go back in their room and turn the thing back on again and again and again!)

Soothing vapor baby bath - great for late nights with their first stuffy nose – a life saver to keep in medicine chest at all times.

An activity mat for the floor – I can`t say enough how important it will become for you to have a child that plays ALONE for any period of time– get them used to it from the start– put the baby down!


Bottle brush for cleaning bottles   

Baby shampoo & baby soap