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Many folks ask me about my advertising packages, how to get a story published, how to get their information out to my list about events, special happenings, their businesses, etc.  I have headed down the path of the non-profit model — I want Essentialmom.com to continue as a community resource; people love the calendar, they use the resources, they find things on here that help them in their daily lives as parents — but I hate selling ads.  So, I am turning the site over to you all — if you send me posts, stories, events, etc. I will post them, but in order to save my sanity, I need the submissions to come from the community.

Submissions will only be considered if entered by our form here and please READ parameters below.

Your best bets for getting something on EssentialMom.com are the following submissions:
— Events that are upcoming and open to the public, don’t submit after event/follow up stories
— Short and sweet rules the day — if I have to edit something down, it’s likely not getting another glance
— Ask nicely…and say thank you…I am doing my best to help you get your word out,  and it’s just me here
— Make it easy for me
— Remember I get HUNDREDS of requests a week…and though your idea, business, event, etc is central to you, it is one of hundreds of others

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Bedford Hills, NY 10507
Email: gretchen@essentialmom.com

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We encourage ALL local businesses and not for profits to use this option, allowing families to find you at all times throughout the year, when and where they are looking for you. Submit 100 words to gretchen@essentialmom.com. Please include contact information, a program/product description, a link to your site, and a logo. *Submissions over 100 words will not be accepted.

Calendar Listings:  No charge
Please submit any listings for the calendar via our events form — click here to submit.

I am always amazed by the response that we get when we use a listing on EssentialMom.com. Last month we had a Grand Opening of our “Quest” on the Westchester Wilderness Walk preserve in Pound Ridge. You listed it in your weekly EssentialMom.com newsletter that Thursday and on Sunday we had an overwhelming turnout – at least 70 people. When I questioned them about where they had heard about the Grand Opening, about 90% responded that they had read about it on EssentialMom.com. Despite the fact that we sent out a couple hundred postcards and put it in the local paper, the greatest response was from your newsletter. So thank you so much for getting the word out to the right people for us. We were delighted with the outcome! — Bobbe Stultz, Director of Events, Westchester Land Trust

Can I just share how much we rely upon you and EssentialMom to know “the goods” locally for kids activities. After catching the Sunday posting for the Family Country Fair at the John Jay Homestead (where we had never been), we hopped in the car, drove up and all had a fantastic time there on a gorgeous afternoon. And we discovered a great new place! Thank goodness for you Gretchen! — KB, local mom

Have I told you recently how valuable I find your web site…both as a mom…and as a marketer! You have a unique way of bringing people together. — Susie Danziger, School Director of Communications

Have to tell you I LOVE the summer camp section – was just what I needed to find and with some great stuff I knew nothing about – thank you! — KS, local mom

Doing very well thanks to you! I`m also on a couple of blogs but your newsletter and gift list has been the best exposure yet! — Under Construction DVD

Thank you for running the “10 tips” email. It has been a crazy month! I have been getting a lot of online orders, and I`m sure running that and the ad really helped. — Happy Heads

Thanks to an ad on your website, I’m teaching a science class once a week after school. I love Essentialmom! — RS, local mom

A proud mother of two, Gretchen is also a social worker and parenting enthusiast. She established EssentialMom.com as her answer to the never-ending question: “How can I get everything done when there are only so many hours in a day?” Her answer: EssentialMom.com.

EssentialMom.com is designed by mothers for mothers. It is the answer for the busy mom who would rather play with her kids than spend a day “planning” to play with them. This 24-hour one-stop-shop has the answers for all things parenting: resources for classes, groups, schools, camps, birthday party resources, local events, summer camp information and more.  A “friend” to parents throughout Westchester, EssentialMom.com can be visited during good days and bad, late at night or early in the morning. It’s a place where parents can find easily-understood, non-judgmental information. We hope that they can also find a laugh or two on the side.

Gretchen spent ten years in the social work field with a leading community service organization focused on youth and family programs. She has held numerous volunteer positions with various Westchester non-profit organizations such as the Mount Kisco Child Care Center, Westchester Favors and Westchester Land Trust, and currently sits on the board of the Northern Westchester Hospital Foundation and consults for a private family foundation.  All non-profits in Westchester are given free access to Essentialmom.com‘s many options, and we make an effort to promote all of the things that non-profits do to make our community such a wonderful place to live.

Gretchen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colgate University and a Master of Social Work degree from New York University.

My philosophy on raising a family is to give lots of
love, laughter and limits…and hope that my kids
don’t realize that I have no idea what I am doing!