I literally put the kids on the bus this morning and crawled back into bed.  Just 15 minutes I promised myself.  But oh, I wanted to stay there forever.  I am already in full hibernating mode and what did I just read on the weather forecast?  Snow, rain and general heinosity for Saturday?  Back under the covers.  How is a girl to think about Halloween costumes and fall fun when the threat of snow in October looms overhead?  Ewww.  And the dark?  I woke up this morning and thought it was the middle of the night and realized it was time to get up!  So very painful.

So, this weekend, what to do?  If you are the very nicest of mommies, head to one the MANY Halloween events featured on our overflowing calendar  – or just meet me at the showing of ET at Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville.  I’ll be the one crying in the corner.  Love that movie.  And the theater too — it’s a great spot to see a movie and sometimes I can even count it as a cultural experience, www.burnsfilmcenter.org.

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