Boxcar Children Beginning: The Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm

in Essential Reads

Author: Patricia MacLachlan
Reviewed by Ashley Gambareri
The book is about 4 kids: Benny, Violet Jessie and Henry.  Benny is 5 years old.  Violet looks around 8 years old.  And Jessie and Henry look around 12 years old.  The story is about the 4 of them going on many fun experiences.
In the beginning there was a big snow storm and a family was driving across country and ended up stranded on the 4 kids’ road.  The stranded family went up to the 4 kids’ door and asked to stay for awhile.  In the family there were two kids and they were close in age to the 4 kids. Their names were Meg and William. They had a puppy named Joe.  Benny loved Joe, they were best friends.  Meg and William’s parent’s names are Sarah and Jake.  The family stayed for a long time because their car broke down.  The six kids loved playing together.  They even made a circus.
Then a little bit later the piece Jake needed to fix his car arrived. That meant they could journey back home.  The kids were very sad to leave each other but then they remember that they would be back in town next year to visit.  They all said goodbye and they were off.
Later that day Mama and Papa set out to deliver treats.  Then they did not return their neighbor Rubin and the police came down to their house and said that their parents had been killed in a bad car accident.  The kids were very sad. They didn’t want to be separated so they ran away.  They wanted to go visit Meg, William, Sarah, Jake and Joe and so they were off.