Bedford Chamber Concerts

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Bedford Chamber Concerts celebrates the Holidays with a Gala Concert on Wednesday, December 19, at 8:00pm.   Renowned musician Anthony Newman along with an augmented Bedford Chamber Ensemble will perform Handel’s well-known Water Music along with Telemann’s “Water Music” Overture in C major.   Handel’s Water Music was composed for George I of England in 1717 and written to be performed during a “water party” for the King.   It premiered as musicians on a barge played to audiences along the banks and in boats that crowed the Thames.   The piece was so well received that the King requested it be performed continuously through the evening.   The piece includes a wide variety of movements, from courtly minuets to dramatic fanfares, and is perhaps best known for those featuring brass instruments, especially a rousing hornpipe.  Telemann’s Water Music was written just a few years later in 1723 for the 100th anniversary of the Admiralty in Hamburg.  It is considered one of the finest of Telemann’s overtures.  The piece is somewhat programmatic in nature, consisting of a series of movements that evoke mythical deities of the sea, as well as depicting the rushing tides and lively activities of sailors on the banks.   The program also includes Corelli’s famous Christmas Concerto, which ends with lullaby that mimics the rocking of a cradle.   Besides a full complement of strings, the ensemble will include oboes, trumpets, and timpani.  BCC concerts take place in the Fellowship Hall of St. Matthew’s Church, 382 Cantitoe Street in Bedford.  Wine and other refreshments are served during intermission and included in the $40 ticket price.  Student tickets are available for $10 at the door.  To purchase tickets or for more information visit or call 914-522-5150.